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Laps with Trady 

When I close my eyes and think about rugby league, I see a swirl of images in my head.

Among more recent memories of rugby league and some older memories of my team like playing finals footy, I flash back to a small 10 year-old with my blue and gold jumper on, holding my dad’s hand as we walked through the streets to watch the Eels at Parramatta Stadium.

For me, footy is about so many things. It is about family. It is about friends. It is about loving something I have no control over. It is about a sense of community that I feel and share with a whole group of people that otherwise would not have been introduced into my life, but for footy.

So 20 years have passed and I am more in love of this game than I ever have been. So when   moved to the inner west I wanted Sienna and William to also experience this magical game.

That brings us to the Newtown Jets and Henson Park. With the cancelation of rugby league back in late March due the Coronavirus. Clubs like Newtown have felt the economic pressure. So enter Johnny the Jet or ‘Trady’ as his mates like to call him, ‘Trady’ knew something had to give. John has been riding his famous penny farthing around Henson Park for over a 10 years, So everytime the Jets score a try “Trady” jumps on his penny farthing  and completes a lap of Henson Park.

Not wanting to take it lying down, ‘Trady’ came with fabulous fundraising initiative and called it LAPS WITH ‘TRADY’. So for the next 10 weeks on a Saturday morning at 11am, ‘Trady’ will jump on his penny farthing and try to complete as many laps as possible in 80 min, the length of a game.

You can decide how much you want to sponsor ‘Trady’ per lap. If you decided to sponsor Trady $2 per lap and he completed 30 laps your pledged amount would be $60

Each Saturday night the number of laps completed around Henson Park will be posted on Laps with Trady Facebook page, Jets supporters page and Newtown Jets

So let’s help ‘Trady’ and the Jets keep on flying. You can deposit your pledged amount into Newtown Jets RLFC Ltd Sydney Mutual Bank BSB 611.

001 Account 100243173 by the following Friday with REF: Laps.

Until 2021 keep the ‘Mighty Blue Bags flying.


PUBLISHED: 19:20 AEST, 23 May 2020 | UPDATED: 19.45 AEST, 23 May 2020

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