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5.30pm Friday afternoon end of another week in lockdown. You’re missing your local pub missing a beer with your mates. You’re thinking to yourself, “gee I’d love a beer right now” and listen to the Boss. But 5 weeks in lockdown and you still know it’s a distant dream.

Don’t let that lockdown stop you from getting that fine tasty beverage. Located on Enmore road between a post office and an Indian takeout joint is Cottonmouth Records.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Cottonmouth Records have had to change up a few thing.

So, Cottonmouth Records have teamed up with the mob form Feral Brewing and are serving up GROWLER FILLS. CORE RANGE & limited release:  1L $13.50 | 2L $27. Sam told Contrast Media the “GROWLER Fills are a big hit.

Along with the mob for Stomping Ground you find an unusual range of their SMASH SERIES. Guava & Watermelon Smash along with their PASSION FRUIT SMASH’ SOUR BEER and let me tell you not be disappointed.

Cottonmouth owes its name to a southern American viper snake, which is also the brand’s mascot. It’s a nod to Williams’s owner of Cottonmouth affinity with the New Orleans soul, jazz, blues and funk scene, evoking the sounds and flavours of the Deep South.

One thing I be waiting for once lockdown is done and dusted is a night out at Cottonmouth.

In the meantime let’s support our local small business and raise a beer to all the efforts in these tough times.


PUBLISHED: 16:20 AEST, 1 May 2020 | UPDATED: 10.45 AEST, 2 May 2020

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