The Shed. Week 9

Laps with “Trady”

9 down 16 to go. Week 9 we caught up with Jonny the Jet “Trady” in the famous dressing sheds of Henson Park. This week we caught up with some of the faces behind Laps with “Trady” one awesome human was Deborah Jorgensen. Deb makes the track out to Henson Park all the way from Sydney Western Suburbs.

We got to take a peek a the Henson Park famous dressing sheds. Established in 1908, Newtown were one of the founding members of the New South Wales Rugby Football League. They competed continuously in the NSWRFL premiership until their departure in 1983, the first reduction in the League since 1937. Over this period they won the competition three times.

It was great week for the Jet Man, 33 laps completed & 299 laps in total.

Help keep the Jets flying by sponsoring Laps with Trady.

To sponsor Trady, Decide how much you want to sponsor Trady per lap. Each Saturday night the number of laps completed around Henson Park will be posted on Laps with Trady Facebook page, Jets supporters page and Newtown Jets . If you decided to sponsor Trady $2 per lap and he completed 30 laps your pledged amount would be $60. Deposit your pledged amount into Newtown Jets RLFC Ltd Sydney Mutual Bank BSB 611 001 Account 100243173 by the following Friday with REF: Laps.


PUBLISHED: 12:11 AEST, 15 July 2020 | UPDATED: 12.15 AEST, 15 July2020

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