Sean is an utterly brilliant teacher! I came to the course with a camera I had borrowed, with little knowledge of how to use and no knowledge about photography apart from point and shoot and hope for the best. At the beginning I was feeling anxious and nervous about my lack of skills but within a very short space of time Sean made me feel relaxed and raised my confidence that I can do this! He has this great knack for inspiring you and gently pushing you to try new things whilst supporting your learning with where you are currently at on your photography journey. I love the way that Sean talks to you and not at you and shares his immense knowledge in such an easy to understand way, a true teacher! I felt I could ask any question and know he would give me another piece of the puzzle that I could easily understand and build my knowledge. You couldn@t help but get caught up with Sean@s passion and enthusiasm for photography. By the end of the lesson I was amazed within such a short space of time what I was able to achieve with Sean@s teaching and support.