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Sikhism was born in the Punjab area of South Asia, which now falls into the present-day states of India and Pakistan. The main religions of the area at the time were Hinduism and Islam. The Sikh faith began around 1500 CE, when Guru Nanak began teaching a faith that was quite distinct from Hinduism and Islam.

Nine Gurus followed Nanak and developed the Sikh faith and community over the next centuries.

Amar Singh came to Australia at the young age of 15 and as all migrant kids he had a rough start to his Australian adventure. So, roll on 2015 South Western Sydney and Amar set out start up charity organisation Turbans 4 Australia.

Amar mission was to educate his fellow Australians about the Sikh community. One main reason was that people assumed that he was of Muslim faith and was targeted on numerous occasions with the same types of slurs often directed towards the Muslim community. One co-worker once told him he looked like a terrorist. While simply going about his daily life, strangers on the street have asked him if he was carrying a bomb, or what he was hiding under his turban. It’s worth remembering that after the terrible events of 911, the first victim of a hate crime was an American Sikh.

Since 2015, TFA have now delivered around $3000 worth of groceries to farmers doing it tough in Dubbo. Back in 2018, TFA drove seven semi-trailers full of hay to drought-stricken farmers in Coonamble, he wanted show Australian farmers that both him and the winder Sikh community appreciated their hard work.

With Australian now in week 4 of lockdown Amar and TFA knew that had to step up, so with help of Liverpool city council and Liverpool Lions club TFA have been able deliver around 200 to 300 meals a day. TFA now has outreach centres all over the country one in particular is there ever-growing Canberra centre.

Right now, if you are struggling with any food items TFA are offering food hampers no question asked.  They also have the odd pack of toilet paper along with hand sanitizer.

If you could help out in anyway TFA please visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/T4Aus%20/ or web page https://www.t4a.org.au/ to either make a donation or volunteer. Amar and TFA would welcome any help.



PUBLISHED: 15:20 AEST, 28 April 2020 | UPDATED: 15.45 AEST, 28 April 2020

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