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120 Second Documentary

This will take 1hr worth of raw footage (natural part of Storytelling to capture the connection with your audience) will capture you and your story and edit to 120secs Doc for your marketing &social media channels. On the day it is important to be well hydrated (decrease/avoid caffeine any depressants &/or stimulants, high water intake will maintain emotional connectivity then able to feel & communicate to your audience), relaxed, well dressed & groomed. Contrast Media will choose background music, & graphic effects please see current 120s doc for your special requests i.e. drone shots

120sec documentary who you are, what you’re doing and where are you going – focus is your uniqueness and the change you’re making in the world your product/service is offering in the world.

Script 120secs is 2 minutes
30secs 30 secs 00:00:30 INTRO who you are the back story birth of your product/service
60secs 90 secs 00:01:30 STORY what your doing does offers uniqueness/change world
30secs 120 secs 00:02:00 SUMMARY the future changing the world, where are you going