“Release the Kraken!”

Zeus, king of gods, barks the order to ‘Release the Kraken’! The term is becoming a catchphrase used all around the world. It seems to be the ultimate threat. It’s like Zeus’s nuclear bomb, the option to teach unruly and disrespectful humans a lesson they will never forget.

You can practically hear Zeus from the top of Mount Olympus bellow this cry out. The Kraken was released with waves up 10 meters high, the Kraken nor Covid-19 was not going to stop all the Coogee faithfull.

Spending close to 20 violent seconds being contorted underwater by a monster wave can be enjoyable, that is if you want it to be.

At least that’s what Sydney surfer Nick Cash thinks. Nick and his good mate, former world champion surfer Tom Carroll, were among a select few who braved the five metre swell on Sunday morning as it lashed the New South Wales coastline.

Crowds lined all cliff tops and coastal car parks along Sydney’s eastern and northern beaches to get a glimpse of the surf, while ocean pools were turned into massive cold spa baths.

Further south a small group of surfers attempted to tame a roaring left at Bondi, while others were towed into 15-foot waves near Wedding Cake Rock off Coogee.

Clovelly resident Joel Igrim paddled into several bombs over the weekend near Coogee and said many surfers were scoring the waves of their lives.

“You’ve got to take a few beatings to get a few waves but when you do it’s like flying down a mountain. It’s the ride of your life,” he stated.

A severe weather warning remains in place for damaging winds and damaging surf for parts of the Sydney Metropolitan and Illawarra coasts.

The low will maintain showers, blustery winds and dangerous surf in eastern NSW into the weekend before moving offshore early next week.


PUBLISHED: 18:20 AEST, 24 May 2020 | UPDATED: 18.45 AEST, 24 May 2020

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