Wow BREWTOWN has been through a hell of lot over the last 2 years. Back in October 2018 they had to temporarily shut following a fire that broke out on the premises on a stormy Saturday afternoon. Up to six fire engines were called to the O’Connell Street warehouse cafe after a former employee, who was sitting at a nearby pub, spotted smoke coming from the building.

The building’s electrical wiring suffered extensive damage forcing the temporary closure of the cafe as well as upstairs Bakers Co, (formerly Drury Lane Bakery).

So you think that would be quite enough drama for Pete Raad and his crew at BREWHOUSE, but roll on 2020 and bam Corna!

Pete went from employing 45 team members to 1 overnight. They were pumping out well over 100 kg of coffee a week to but since COVID-19 it dropped to 20 kg. They are also know for their famous cronut that also took a massive hit.

One of Pete main concerns is his visa status employees at this stage they are not eligible for the Corona emergency relief program. This includes Job Keeper or Newstart, they truly at risk right now. Pete told contrast media. “These are such uncertain times”

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PUBLISHED: 12:20 AEST, 26 April 2020 | UPDATED: 12.45 AEST, 216 April 2020

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