3/37 Kesteven St., Florey ACT.

4.30 am and we are off, that’s right 4.30am first stop Liverpool to get a ride with Amar Singh from Turbans 4 Australia. Our mission to document T4A Crisis relief centers. This time around it’s their Canberra operation where, so far over the last 5 weeks of lockdown they have made over 800 meals.

So 3 hour down the Hume Highway we head. Our 2nd stop is The Indian Pantry located at 3/37 Kesteven St, Florey ACT. This where we get to meet Paramdeep Singh team leader for the Canberra operation or Para as his mates call him. He has made a massive impact along with help from Indian Pantry they have handed out over 800 meal along with well over 600 food hampers.

This is a very well run operation. They have a constant flow of volunteers willing to give up their time to help out to the extent, Para has had to put into place a roster system. The volunteers range in age from first year uni students to retirees, every volunteer have key roles from meal prep to delivering meals.

So we get into filming and I notice a family waiting outside the restaurant so I head outside and the young gent asks if he could speak with Amar. I head back inside to grab to Amar. Amar heads out to greet them and to his surprise the family hand Amar a bank cheque for $2000, I call out to Michael go get the cameras. The young family drove over an hour to hand this cheque to Amar.

In times of need it amazes me how everyday Australians just step up.

Our documentary continues!


PUBLISHED: 15:20 AEST, 12 May 2020 | UPDATED: 15.45 AEST, 12 May 2020

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