1927 are an Australian pop rock band formed in 1987 with James Barton on drums, Bill Frost on bass guitar, his brother Gary Frost on guitar and keyboard and Eric Weideman on vocals, guitar and keyboards. But that not we are here to talk about today! This is when the Bedford St Tunnel was constructed.

It’s been around 7 weeks of lockdown and I have been itching to get out a rediscover my backyard that is Gadigal country. I so love this part of country, there are so many hidden gems and opportunities to capture. So, first stop is coffee at my favourite spot is Well.Co in Leichhardt on Norton Street.

Then it’s off to shot, and we’re off to the famous Bedford Street tunnel in in Enmore.

The pedestrian subway at Enmore has local significance. Although most pedestrian subways are located at station sites, the construction of this subway train station is associated with the 1891 demolition of the original 1855 Newtown Railway Station and footbridge located in the vicinity of the site. Its current configuration in order to provide access across the tracks demonstrates the sextuplication of the line in 1927.

The mood of this tunnel is just awesome, with the red, green and blue lighting. As a photographer you certainly cannot go wrong. The subway comprises of a face brick segmental arched vault with concrete floor and face brick walls.

So get out and lets celebrate our magnificent country that is Gadigal.

Remember Stay Gold!


PUBLISHED: 17:20 AEST, 16 May 2020 | UPDATED: 18.00 AEST, 16 May 2020

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